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volunteer with one straw

For those of you who don’t know, we sell reusable straws to cafes, restaurants, bars, unis and people around the country - we then use the profits to help fund clean up local projects.

We are looking for super passionate volunteers to help us continue and expand the good work that we currently do.

CLEAN UP HELPER - perth/ esperance

Whether you’re an expert ‘cleaner-upper’ or a you’ve never even tidied your bedroom, let alone a beach, this is a great place to start.

You’ll be put on our volunteer list and we’ll notify you as soon as an event has been confirmed, plus all the details you need to know.

If you are available to volunteer, just let us know.

Main responsibilities:

  • Meet with the clean up coordinator and receive instructions as how to help

  • Assist with setting up the marquee, table, merchandise etc

  • Signing public volunteers in and out

  • Speaking with public volunteers/ provide instructions/ helping with general assistance

  • Sorting/ categorising & recording waste collected

  • Take photos for social and research content

  • Wear your One Straw your apparel

  • Take payments from merch sales

  • We use the app ‘Workplace by Facebook’ to organise all of our information, news and clean up events. This is how you’ll be notified about clean up events.

clean up coordinator - perth/ esperance

If you’re super passionate about helping the environment and want to get your teeth into something, this may work for you.

This volunteer role will be a little more involved and requires organisation, good communication and of course enthusiasm.

Main responsibilities:

  • Organise clean up events.

  • Help decide on a location and liase with local councils if needed.

  • Organise and decide on the number of One Straw volunteers needed to run the clean up

  • Liaise and organise any collaborators ( we usually partner up with local One Straw stockists for clean up events)

  • Set up/ pack down of equipment as well as picking up and dropping off

  • Attending the clean up

  • Delegating tasks to other One Straw helpers

  • Providing general all round support to One Straw helpers and public volunteers.


  • We’re open to help cover travelling costs for the event days

  • You’ll have access to as much information as possible prior to the clean up event.

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